Spring Security

Hi, I wanted to test out with Spring Security and Vaadin in the project from this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxy2JgqqKDU&t=4966s

Unfortunately, It seems I’m not able to use the LoginView from Vaadin and I’m getting the loginview from spring security. I do not have any errors but I cannot even navigate to views adnotated with AnonymousAllowed.
Below are some screenshots with the code I’m using.

Any ideas why it doesn’t let me use the vaadin login view? I’m using eclipse as IDE.

The first line with requestMatcher looks suspicious, did it work if you remove that?

Edit: nvm… this shouldn’t change it

Ah culprit found - your package name looks totally off and therefore isn’t scanned by spring. It has to be within or below your main java package name - probably com.example.application instead of Security

Changed the package name and the vaadin LoginView eventually worked, I will keep this in mind for future views I will add to my project

Thank you very much for help