spring security ACL base menu generation

I need your valuable thoughts about my idea. I already implemented some kind of menu bar component which is similar as



Also, I would like to introduce an annotation base permissions to my menu items which controls the menu generation base on defined ACL. We are currently using vaadin4spring security extension, hence we can use that features as well.

  1. Can I reuse the spring @PreAuthorize annotations for this? If this possible, its leads, clean usage of existing APIs
  2. If not, let me know any staring point to use existing spring security EL in our own custom annotations.

Please check the template i created as vaadin view implementation.

@SpringView(name = AboutView.VIEW_NAME)
@PreAuthorize("hasRole('ROLE_ADMIN')") // existing spring annotation, need to view this menu selection for admin user only
public class AboutViewImpl extends AbstractView<AboutPresenter>  {
    private EventBus.UIEventBus eventBus;
    public AboutViewImpl() {
    public void enter(ViewChangeEvent event) {