Spring boot vaadin deploy

I’m beginner and try to deploy my simple demo app at railwat.app. But have an error

Caused by: java.io.IOException: Unable to find index.html. It should be available on the classpath wh… hepl me please(

It looks like you are not deploying a production build.
Take a look at the documentation

railway deploys via github, a put url repopository and railway build it. Maybe I need add smth in my pom.xml?

You have to define and use the mentioned production profile of maven

could you look, please, on my pom.xml?)


This is how I deploy my add-ons demo on railway with github action

It builds an image with spring boot plugin, publish it on github packages and the uses it in railway

the same error(
can’t find index.html

I tried your project locally and it started correctly once I delete the index.html file in src/main/resource/static and deleted the src/main/dev-bundle folder
The I run mvn clean package -Pproduction and started the application with java -jar target/BankingDemo-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

locally it works, but when I deploy to railway, have an error unable to find index.htm l😫

Exactly, how are you deploying the app on railway?


Unfortunately I cannot read the logs correctly from the posted video. Can you please attach the logs as a plain text files?

logs.txt (18 KB)

This is just a part of the logs. Can you post the full build and run logs?

buildLogs.txt (372 KB)
deployLogs.txt (169 KB)

Looking at the build log, it seems you are not making a productio build

build │ chmod +x ./mvnw && ./mvnw -DoutputFile=target/mvn-dependency- ║

║ │ list.log -B -DskipTests clean dependency:list install

You are using a Nixpacks builder, so you should be able to change the build command, probably in the railway UI

BTW, you should also remove the frontend/generated folder from git repo

And I noticed you also pushed the target folder; you should remove also that one