Spring Boot Vaadin deploy to AWS ?

Hello, the following tutorial shares how to create a Spring Boot Vaadin web app with a resulting JAR in localhost.

The app successfully runs http://localhost:8080/
I want to deploy the development version to test on AWS.

Question: Does a Spring Boot app deploy as a JAR file to a web application server like AWS Elastic Beanstalk?
Anyone have any experience with this?

I found the following and shall try:


Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

The example you found does use a .jar (looking at the screen shots)
Azure understands Spring Boot jars, I would expect AWS to do so as well.

Thank you! Had to put that one on the back burner. Right now, focused on a SINGULAR best practice for data binding to form fields. Have three Vaadin books and am downloading all the examples I can find to accomplish data bindings, layout and key navigations.