Spring Boot navigation between Login and Dashboard

Hello everyone,

I’m quite new to Vaadin. I went through the tutorial about Vaading + Spring Boot. Now I’m trying to understand how the
Dashboard Demo

I’m trying to put together a simple app with a Login view, a Dashboard, and may be a couple of nested views on the Dashboard. In the Vaadin Dashboard Demo, all the views seem to be instantiated via the new keyword. Since I’m using Spring, I would like it to take care of that. Ideally, they should be autowired. But I cannot figure out how to achieve that.

Can someone direct me to a short sample which implements user authentication and uses Spring to instantiate views and navigate between them (via an injected navigator or something).

Hi Pavel,
Check this as a starting poing,
You can find more info about Navigator [size=2]


Hello, Chatura.

Thanks for your reply. The first article is pretty basic and not very helpful, frankly. The second one I read a couple of times already.

I think the way I will end up doing it is I will make the login page part of the dashboard, but when navigating to it will hide the sidebar.