Spring Boot JPA Hibernate Vaadin developing a form for entity with one to many attribute

I’m new to Spring Boot, JPA, Hibernate, and Vaadin. I have an entity that has several attributes that are list<> with one to many annotation. For sake of explanation, lets say it’s a Contract entity that defines several contacts, each with with a different name and address. A contract will only have 1-3 contacts, for example.
I’d like to use a TABS component on a form to provide view of each contact that a contract may have.
I’ve not seen an example of this type of form, entity relationship, and use of TABS. I’m pretty confident programming the view but I don’t know how to tie implementing the TAB component for each contact without being aware of how the Contract object is applied to the form’s view? I apologize, as I’m probably not using the proper terms here.

I’m creating the database and tables from my entity (java class) just fine. I’m feeling comfortable with creating forms for an entity, but I’m setting the fields in the code for testing and not making the link between database table, i.e contract, and the form view widgets.


You can use the TabSheet component to manage the different tabs. Use the same Binder for the entire form, including the contacts.

That was very helpful. Thanks