Spring annotations problem


I am using Spring with annotations in my project. It works ok but whenever I make changes in my code and restart my application: http://localhost:8080/myapp/?restartApplication then reference to my spring bean is null.

Vaadin view class:

@Configurable(preConstruction = true)
public abstract class UserBasePart  {

	private UserFacade userFacade;


	<context:annotation-config />
	<context:spring-configured />

The only solution I’ve found is to rebuild project via maven and then run eclipse:eclipse. After that once again I start Tomcat.

As you see the solution is very time consuming. I would be grateful if anyone could tell how to omit rebuilding project with maven an automatically redeploy app via Eclipse



The problem was that I haven’t configured load-time-weaver properly. Besides I didn’t start Tomcat with -javaagent: option