Spring and Vaadin annotations.

Hello dear users, i now work with Spring + Vaadin JSP integration. I work with admin panel for shop.(It test for my next job). I had already done spring server and successfully added vaadin UI into it, but i cant not use annotation in vaadin UI( @Autowired and etc.) because the server is devided to two servlets(dispacherServlet and vaadinServlet). The most of server pages work with dispacher servlet and only admin panel work with vaadin. I need connect JPA repository and Service to vaadin UI.
This project

Help me please.

You have hit the limitation of Vaadin Spring add-on 1.0, that it supports only one servlet out of the box. If you want to use it with more than one serlvet, especially mixed types of serlvets like in your case, you need to do little bit more. Here is some concise hints how to get started.