SpreadsheetComponentFactory problem with merge cells

Maybe this is a bug, or I want to check if someone has the same problem.

I have a
using the
method for creating a ComboBox components. The problem is when I merge cells from an Excel or OpenOffice app, NOT all cell are called to the
as if they where protected, but the spreadsheet scrolling just simply skip them. The consecuence is that it never returns the combo box, so no custom object is used. If I change the custom object to any other cell it works ok.

Does anybody has the same problem?

Hi Ricardo,

There might be some issues with components in merged cells. Could you please file a ticket at dev.vaadin.com along with a small app that shows the issue?


No problem, I fill a ticket. Give me some time to create a small app. Expect if for tomorrow.

By the way, we presented yesterday your component to one of our Clients… they simply love it… Congratultaions for an excellent idea!!
It will very nice to have an equivalent componet for a Word component. Any idea?

Done. The ticket is #18369.

I attached a small app that shows the problem with merge cell in one file and other file without merge cells that works ok.

I hope it will help you.


Thanks a lot Ricardo! That most certainly will help us diagnose and fix the issue.