Split in MVP and cdi-core

I really would love to “cdi-fy” my vaadin applications. But I dont want/cant switch the architecture to mvp. What I need is a plain “cdi-core” addon that allows to link @WebServlet() to VaadinApplication without the need of web.xml and generation (producers) of Vaadin Components.

I cant do this with cdi-utils, because I have to extend a special CDIApplication and you dont allow custom injection of window objects. Although, i18n is an important feature, but again: I cant/dont want to switch my Applications to your TextBundle-Implementation (why dont you just stick with the java-properties mechanism?)

What I am currently trying to do is to take your Extensions, Producers, … and wrap them in a new “cdi-core” addon. I dont want to “reinvent the wheel” and dont want to work against you but learn from your experiences regarding vaadin/cdi.

I will need some more days to get a first snapshot funktionale, then I would love to get your feedback. My vision is, that cdi-utils (including mvp and i18n) will rely on a working cdi-core that can easily be used just to inject a preconfigured window in my normal Application …

Hope hearing from you


Would you be using Vaadin 7? If so, you might want to take a look at this project:


Thanks, I didnt know that project.
I was not sure if I want to switch to vaadin7, since its still alpha, but i will give it a try!

You might want to wait for beta1 scheduled for Monday…

(there are a lot of changes since alpha3)

Will do! I guess you just saved a few of my evenings this week!