Specifying the port while embedding an application?

Hi all,

Until now, my approach to embedding has been to use the iframe method, to which I can pass the full path to the application, including the port number (my Tomcat server is running on port 443 at the moment).

The iframe method however has some limitations and I would like to try to use the DIV method, but I can’t get it to work. My main problem is that the examples provided with Vaadin (including the multiapp file) don’t show how I’m supposed to specify the port number.

Also, I guess that the host could as well be different, but all the examples only use relative paths. Giving a full path, including both host and port, doesn’t seem to work. So can I do that with the DIV method?


If you have a loader page where you want to embed a Vaadin application, and it should run from another port, it’s effectively a different domain from the browser’s security viewpoint. Browsers won’t load from another domain with a regular XHR.

There’s a solution for cross-domain embedding developed by Janne Lautamäki and Matti Tahvonen. It’s in the Vaadin SVN repo, but still under development with plans to publish it as an add-on.

Thanks for your reply, I understand now why it’s so difficult to find an example of what I want :slight_smile:

I think I’ll keep going with the iframe approach then.


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I warn you though, I haven’t tested the XS addon on SSL (guessed from your port number) at all.