Specifying Map CRS in V-Leaflet

I’m using the V-Leaflet addon for route visualization. Base layers and a number of other layers are pulled with WMS queries from a local GeoServer instance using multiple instance of LWmsLayer which are then added to an LMap. Local vector data is then overlayed using an instance of AbstractLeafletVector. The GeoServer layers are all defined using the
CRS and I want to display in this coordinate system as well.

Leaflet’s default CRS is
. This is specified during WMS requests and so GeoServer has to transform its layer definitions to this CRS. I would like to avoid this extra work and I notice that Leaflet provides the ability to define the CRS to use during construction for a
whole map
individual layers
. This ability is partially reflected in the g-leaflet
class as it has the ability to set a
on it, best of all I notice that EPSG:4326 is provided for in the Crs class already. Unfortunately the CRS is hardcoded to 3857 during Map creation in the onStateChanged method of V-Leaflet’s
class and I can see no way to set the CRS in V-Leaflet.

Would it be possible to extend V-Leaflet to at least allow setting of the CRS to one of the pre-defined CRSs in g-leaflet’s Crs class or, better still, the setting of arbitrary CRSs?


I think we need to add CRS support for WMS layers.


We need to add small features to both g-leaflet and v-leaflet, but should be rather simple task to do. Dare to add enhancement issues to github projects?