Space (punctuation) handlingin GRIDs

Hi everybody,

I’m currently facing a problem regarding the handling of spaces in Grids.

Background/Problem description

I’m selecting rows from a table in Oracle and write them into a IndexedContainer. This container is bound to a GRID, which is displayed on the site.
Now the actual data contain multiple “white spaces” after another. For example a row with an article number looks like this in the database:

1 2  3   ABCD

Now between “1” and “2” is one space, between “2” and “3” are two spaces and between “3” and “ABCD” are three spaces.
Now on the page in the grid those spaces get “merged” like “1 2 3 ABCD”.
But I need them to contain the correct space formating, because the user will copy an article number and put it into a legacy system for further processing.

Any inputs on how to manage this?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day/evening.

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This comes from standard CSS styles, where “white-space: normal” removes all extra white spaces. To change this you could try adding the following in your theme:

.v-grid-cell {
white-space: pre;

Hi Tatu,

thanks a lot, this solved the isse!

I added your CSS snipped to my mytheme.scss and rebuild the app - now it shows the rows correctly.

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