Source code forum menu ( or something like that

I welcome!

For the most current development of the system very much like to get a menu similar to that which can be seen here.
There are, whether the source code for it? :dry:
I would be grateful for the information! :smiley:


Does anyone know? :smiley:

The forum is not written in Vaadin but is the standard Liferay forum portlet. Sources are probably available somewhere on the

The menu on the top is just some HTML generated alongside our main page template by Liferay.

I guess the browser’s “view source” is as good as any other alternative. The menu is not part of a Vaadin application, it is just plain html + css.

I welcome you, John Ahlroos!
I welcome you, Joonas Lehtinen!
I welcome you, Jens Jansson!

Thank you all for the info! :smiley:

Actually there is-it possible to write my own wrapper for this menu? :glare: What materials would you advise to look to do this? The menu is very nice and want to try and implement a wrapper.:smiley:

I would be grateful for the information!


…I guess I will class CustomLayout:D