source build 6.5 failed


I have a problem with building vaadin 6.5 from source on windows 7. I execute build with command
ant -Dignoreversion=1 package-jar
compiling starts and after couple of minutes I encounter an error:

Building jar: D:\vaadin-6.5.0_src\build\result\\WebContent\WEB-INF\lib\
Updating manifest in JAR build/result/
jar: Error in writing existing jar file
jar: at
jar: at
The ‘jar’ command returned with exit value 1


Compiling source 6.4 works fine, have a solution for this?

btw it is my first post and I have been working with vaadin for 2 weeks so hello to everyone


Sounds like
. One guess is that is has something to do with the file being locked for some reason on Windows (this does not happen on other platforms).

OK, I circumvented compiler and I compiled source without problem on mac :smug:

Little update, with new jar one thing doesn’t work - embedded flash. I use in my app flash charts and in firefox don’t even upload flash file, in ie or chrome it uplods movie but it also doesn’t work correctly.

As I mentioned before I compiled it on mac with ant package-jar but running on windows. Original vadin 6.5 jar works fine, I recompiled widgetset and don’t know what else to do.

Can the problem be in that I compile on mac (maybe wrong target)?

There is a flash fix (
) made after 6.5.0. Could possibly cause it even though it just adds “application/x-shockwave-flash” as type.

I have already had that fix in the code :

flashChart.setSource(new ExternalResource(FLASH_PATH_PREFIX + flashName + DATA_PATH_PREFIX + dataName + csw + width + csh + height){
			public String getMIMEType() {
				return "application/x-shockwave-flash";

and as I said before it works fine with original 6.5.0.jar but with jar compiled by me it doesn’t. Strange because I didn’t change anything corresponding to visual part of vaadin.

Shouldn’t you call
before creating the
instance for overwriting the Jar file contents? I think
opens the Jar file but never closes it, and
tries to open it again (which obviously fails). After adding the above code to
class, I was able to execute build process on my Windows 7 again.

Thanks for the suggestion,
fixed it