in the sound player add-on, is it possible to control the volume and find out the playing position of the track/song (how far through the song is)

Unfortunately the server-side API does not currently support this.

However, the
is based on
which does allow you to control volume, so it would be possible to implement this by extending the client-side implementation.

I had plans to bypass the gwt-sound and integrate directly to SoundManager2 to support all new features like volume/seek/cache controls, but no schedule for these yet.

Having problems using SoundPlayer in my Vaadin TouchKit application.

I’d added SoundPlayer.jar, gwt-sound.jar to WEB-INF/lib directory and I am trying to play one of the HTTP urls to a mp3 file and it’s not working. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I compiled the widgetset after I added the jar files.

Can you please help?



Haven’t tested the SoundPlayer with Touchkit, but I guess that there are device limitation that apply. You can try the touchkit application in a desktop web browser to see if that works.

Hi Sami:

Thanks for responding … No, I am not actually testing this on the device but trying to test in the Eclipse on my MAC. I also tested in the Safari Browser (V 5.1.2) but no luck…

I tested your application in my Safari browser and it works just fine. Not sure, what more I need to do!!

Thank you