Some router links cause full page refresh while others do not.

Edit: A more correct title of this should be “Some router links cause UI to be re-instantiated”.

I’m using the AppLayout component and I have a MenuBar embedded in the top nav section. I add router links as items in that menu bar for navigation through my app. The items added at the root level, when clicked, appear to do a slow, full page refresh. However, sub items added to nested menus, swap the page out extremely fast. The router links themselves are all created and added by the exact same code, so the difference appears to be something with the menu bar, or the interaction between the two. Does anyone know of a way to prevent the slow refresh?

Seems this is related to this issue:

I have confirmed that when clicking a root menubar router link the UI and root applayout are re-instantiated. This is even more troubling now. The user is still just clicking router links, which shouldnt cause a full refresh and a new UI to be created.