Some noob questions


I will ask first, before i spend few days of learning of technology, that i dont need :-))

  1. I asume, that it is posible to generate components on the fly…I will have ala media wiki parser, that will parse some markup to component tree
  2. How about serch engines…i think, that this must problemmatic with vaadin, as it uses GWT for rendering…or there is some workaround?
  3. memory usage, processor consuption…can u give me sobe data ala “You need 1GHz, 1024RAM, and it will be probably sufficient for XYZ users”
  4. Scalability…?

Thanks for answering at least some of them…i will now read book of vaadin, if i find something, i will post it here for future generations.

  1. Yes, you can assemble components on the fly from the set of existing ones as well as generate plain html to display in your pages

  2. Yes, search engine will not index your dynamic data. But Vaading is not designed to create a website but for creation of a rich web applications inside a website. If you have a static content it is better to put it as static html or inside some CMS and let Vaading do its best serving a web application rich UI

  3. Memory usage depends on how y ou manage data with your application at the server side. If you’ll load a million rows query into a memory, you can end up with OOM on the server, so you have to take care on this. Regarding the client side, Vaading client-side compoments take care on displaying large amount of data without loading the client browser too much automatically.

  4. Regarding the scalability - Vaading is a regular JEE web application, so there is no probelm with it.

Hope,this helps,


  1. One more question on this…my problem is, that I have some CMS and I want to have write new version modular (so I cant use MVC frameworks, because i dont know where the plugin will extend the markup)…I am now trying to think of some way to have modular and rich UI for the encyclopedia user part (but where search engine has a chance to index it)…the part for editors, writers etc. will be written completly in vaadin or some similar technology…

So my questin is simple…is there a way to integrate vaadin with some other technology (which) to have these features, or i have to write the “readers part of the system” completly in some other framework (which would you suggest)…


As for CMS, I suppose Vaading would be an excellent for building a management and editing web applicaiton - to manage your CMS and to edit the site contents. However, you’ll still need to build a rendering engine which will render actual web pages, built by a cms, and this engine should produce plain html without a Vaading on top.

Regarding the integration - I do not see any problems. If your CMS is a web JEE, e.g. sits in a WAR file, just make management and editing web apps with Vaading and map their application servlets to some paths like /admin/* , /editorial/* , where the rest (/*) will be mapped into a rendering engine servlet which will procude plain html pages as rendered site content.

If your CMS is a complete JEE application, things are even simplier. Build an EJB module with the CMS business logic, WAR module as rendering engine (site front-end) and another WAR module for administration. Then pack and deploy everything in a single EAR file.