Snapshot Location changed?


I follow the
Snapshot Location
and I noticed that the last snapshot was made on 2012/04/26 and I need fixes made in 6.8 on 2012/04/27 (
for example
) to be propagated to 7.0-SNAPSHOT.

I have the following queries:

  1. Is the snapshot location changed?
  2. Till now I was assuming that fixes made in previous versions, if required will be automatically merged to 7.0-SNAPSHOT, is this done on daily basis or there will be some delay in merging?
  3. Will there be necessity for us to merge 6.8 with 7 explicitly?

Please advice…


The snapshot location has not been changed, but no new snapshots are published if no changes have been committed. There has been very little activity in the Vaadin 7 repository since alpha2 was released as we are currently busy planning features for alpha3.

Changes from previous versions are not automatically merged to the master branch in the Vaadin 7 repository, but most changes that will eventually be merged there by hand. We are usually merging about once every week, but there are variations. The last merge was done 8 days ago.

The changeset you are referring to is currently only present in the 6.8 branch. It can not be merged into master without modifications because of the introduction of WrappedRequest from alpha1. The overall functionality will however be included once we start writing new code for Vaadin 7 again.

Thanks for the reply Leif. Any hint on the schedule for the merge will help us plan better.

For example, after the introduction of, I started getting ‘not serializable’ exception - so now the solution is I’ll have to wait for the fix or I can change back to the previous version(before the introduction of this class) which has some other issue (
for example
)… I feel cornered here :frowning: (hence knowing the schedule will help me decide - to wait or merge the code myself)

Thanks again… :slight_smile:

That is the risk you take by choosing to use the bleeding edge development snapshots. Making any guarantees about the quality of the master branch between major releases would slow us down with our current way of working.

With that said, we appreciate the feedback we get from those who are brave enough to use these rough snapshots.

I had some slack time which I used to merge the changes from 6.8 into 7.0, so the next nightly build (due in about 17 hours) should contain the fixes you need.

For your particular set of issues, I think you could use any snapshot from vaadin-7.0.0.nightly-20120419-2db8b527fc089a853bee7fdb5226aa890aa193b4 where the issue with Panel in TabShett was fixed until vaadin-7.0.0.nightly-20120425-fa3754c13dced327c780445b46954e5ec61989f3 which was the last snapshot before the non-serializable RequestTimer was introduced.

Yes Leif, I totally agree with you… no complaints.

Thanks a lot for the efforts to merge & special thanks for verifying the versions… :slight_smile: