small problem with running vaadin projects

Hey everyone,

this is my first shot at vaadin, i am following the directions of the book…anywayz, i have created a small dummy application and ran it, everything works fine…but then i modified the code and added a few more lines, then when i ran it, the new changes weren’t reflected in the UI…i restared eclipse and tried again, and it worked well and i was able to see the new changes…any idea why this happened?? this a bug in eclipse or something?

It’s a feature. The modifications were hot deployed to the server, in other words, the changes were applied to the deployed code as the server was running. Why you didn’t see the changes even though you refreshed your browser, is due to Vaadin’s architecture. Vaadin stores the application’s state on the server and the browser just renders the state. This means that when you refresh your browser, your session with the server has not changes and hence the application’s state will be exactly the same is it were before you hit the refresh buttton.

During development, you can can force Vaadin to start a new session with the server. This is done by adding the “?restartApplication” -parameter to your application’s url, for example, http://localhost:8080/yourapp/?restartApplication

ok, thank you very much…i understand now