slow performance with IE9


In our application we have a modal dialog that causes severe performance problems on IE9. It takes more than 10 seconds to bring up the dialog, and the response of the UI is also very slow when clicking on controls inside the dialog. Then you click on a combobox for example it takes several seconds up to 20 seconds before the list of selections open.

It’s a modal dialog, and it is quite complex (it contains several VerticalLayouts/HorizontalLayouts wrapped inside each other, 4 levels deep), but we only have the performance problems on IE9. When we switch IE9 to compatibility mode the performance problems are gone. Also, on Firefox, Safari and Chrome we don’t have these problems, and everything works fine.

Anybody experienced this kind of issue, or any suggestion on how to root-cause this kind of issues? I tried the profiler in IE9, and that highlighted some methods where a lot of time was spend, but I couldn’t make any sense out of it. We only use standard Vaadin components (version 6.7.5), nothing fancy (VerticalLayout, HorizontalLayout, Form,…)

Kim Marivoet

Small update: the performance problems seem to be related to the complexity of the content of the dialog: when I stub out parts of the dialog, the ui becomes gradually faster, when I add them again one by one the ui becomes gradually slower again. There is a GridLayout involved, and this one seems to cause the biggest slowdown. Some cells of this Grid contain a HorizontalLayout with some labels, text fields and buttons.

Not really advice, just sharing my experience on the same topic.

A while ago I was experiencing similar problem on IE9 - very sluggish responses, combobox required several seconds to open, busy indicator was going on and off like crazy.

Unlike your scenario, mine was specific to following configuration:

  • Vaadin 6.6.8
  • non-modal window
  • no grid layout, just a bunch of H/V layouts
  • not really complicated form, a few rather basic Vaadin controls here and there (total <20)
  • ProcessingSVG add-on used
    <== important
    , after taking this component away, the form behavior returned back to normal

I was curious wether it still hapens on my current setup to find out
problem somehow faded away on it’s own
. Hah.

  • Vaadin 6.7.6 (latest)
  • ProcessingSVG add-on 1.0.6 (latest)
  • reinstalled client with latest IE9 updates

Oh well… :wink: