Slow performance when loading site first time


We have a build vaadin application using Vaadin 6.8.
None of the standard widgets have been used.

There is a simple login page with 2 fields for user name and password.

Yet, this page takes a long time to load. The time taken is like 10-15 minutes.

This should not be a common thing with vaadin applications, yet I am getting it.
Hence I wonder what is it that needs to be considered.

Kindly throw some light on how to minimize the initial page load time.


This does not sound at all right.

How long does it take for you to load e.g.
? For me, no more than 2 seconds with an empty cache even though I am not on the same continent as the server. It has a smaller than usual widgetset (unused widgets left out) so it works as a kind of a minimal test.

Use the network debugging tools of your browser to see what takes a long time - fetching the initial HTML page, fetching the widgetset javascript files, waiting for a reply to the initial request, …

If the problem is the initial load, the most likely culprit would be the larger part of the widgetset, but it should take seconds, not minutes, with most internet connections. Another possible issue could be some misconfigured or very slow device on your network, or maybe very slow network virus checker/IPS system or such.