Slip of the tongue


Me and my fellow use sometimes other name for Vaadin:[center]

[/center]Why we like it - obviously - is that it is connection of Vaadin and
one female organ
:slight_smile: It is easy to make “slip of the tongue” when Vaadin name is repeated many times in a discussion.

Have You ever heard this name instead of original? :wink:


I have to say that this is the first time I hear of your version of the name. :smiley:

Vaddin is probably the most used misspelling of the name, but that case is unintentional :dry:

In Russian “odin” (pronounced as “adin”) mean “one” (2=dva, 3=tri).

So in short SMS language Vaadin can be coded as: “Va1”, “jsf mustdie, Va1 rulez” :wink:

Actually we had a lengthy boardroom discussion about possible mispronunciations of the name when doing the final decision on the name. One of the attendees called to a russian speaker and asked if there might be any problems with the name. This was the only time that I heard of this possible mispronunciation. Other more interesting discussion topics included checking from wikipedia if female reindeers really have horns ;)

How about just }>

(which is also highly recommended as shell prompt…)


For Russian “Vaadin” sounds cool too.

Better than “ZK” ~ prisoner (Stalin’s repression slang)

I’m a little sad I didn’t think of that, heh heh. For the Mac users out there who happen to be running zsh like I am:

hostname% export prompt=%m\}\>\ [note the space after the last '\']

hostname}> echo "ok"
hostname}> export prompt=\}\>\   [note the space after the last '\']

}> echo "ok"
}> export prompt=\}\>  [note no \space at end. makes things harder to read]

}>echo "ok"