site wide data

I am a little confused from the documentation, but how would I store data that needs to be common between all users for a given website? I already cache data per UI, and that works well. But some things, like lists of users, lists of countries, etc, don’t change per user login, so it would be nice to use the same data for all logged in users.

I don’t think this matters, but in case it does, I will mention the following: Websites all use/start from the same WAR file, just for different customers and use cases.

  • website is for our KOSS customer and logs into the KOSS DB
  • website is for marketting and logs into the marketting DB
  • etc, for other use cases and customers
  • All of them start with the same WAR file, but because of different $TOMCAT/conf/Catalina/localhost/ XML files, they point to different places on our application server ( mkt.xml for marketting, koss.xml for KOSS, etc ).
  • These all expand to directories under $TOMCAT/webapps, such as $TOMCAT/webapps/mkt for marketting and $TOMCAT/webapps/koss for KOSS

This is normal tomcat stuff, and should not come as a surprise, just not sure if it impacts my question above. Obviously, for instance, I don’t want website 1 using cached data from website 2. I don’t think that will happen because they should be using different class loards and memory spaces, but maybe my understanding is wrong.