Site Update

Hello everyone!

I upgraded the software powering, as a side-effect all your forum-messages might be marked as unread. Sorry about that, don’t really know how to fix that :(. On the other had - some other bugs have been fixed so you win some, you loose some.


It appears that subscriptions to forums have also dissappeared or been reset for some, not sure how widely this has happened but please check this.

Also I changed the forum mails to be sent out from “Vaadin Forums” so if your filters aren’t moving them anymore, this is the reason.

Again, very sorry for any inconvenience, we’ll be testing and trying to mitigate problems like these in the future.


I usually use the “Recent posts” to view the forum. In that view, new posts are marked with the font being bold for the links. Before the update, when you opened up the thread, new posts where also shown as bold in the thread tree at the top of the page. After the update of Liferay, new posts are no longer marked with a bold font in the thread tree :frowning: This is really irritating as I cannot directly see which posts are actually new, but instead I have to start looking at the timestamps and try to remember when was the last time I viewed the thread.