Single Sign On

Hi Guys,

I’ve been tasked to develop a simple portal to enable our applications to have Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities. All of the applications will be Vaadin applications all contained in their own WAR files.

From what I’ve read on these forums, people seem to think that the vaadin applications should be able to exchange session information. I created a quick test and from what I can tell, the session is specific to the application (as they are in their own WAR files).

So the question is, how can you do this in Vaadin (or in Java that works with Vaadin)?

Thanks Guys.



Well, it depends on the portal you are working with. If you are doing some custom stuff, all your bets are off. But if you’re running on something that uses the Portlet specifications (like Liferay) and thus run on PortletApplicationContext2, you can get access to the portlet session object:


…where “application” is your Application object. You need to dig through for the HTTP session from there.

In traditional Vaadin applications, you get the HttpSession with a similar line of code:


Hope this helps you a bit.

Hi Henrik,

Thank you for your answer, I will investigate portlets and portals further.