Simulate click on grid item


I want simulate a click on a grid item (row) to do some end-to-end testing.

Is this possible, without diving into the shadowroot of the grid component?

I am using the javascript version


It actually requires diving to shadowroot etc. And as it would require quite a lot boiler plate with bare Selenium, we have our extension to it called TestBench, which is part of our Pro offering. Our stock components have helper API’s for this. So, for example with Grid you could do it like

gridElemenent.getCell(rowIndex, 0).$(TestBenchElement.class).first().click();

See more at documentation:

thank you for the reply. We are looking into the grid component extensively at the moment and considering a Pro account if we like al the functionalities that it has to offer. End-to-end user journeys testing is one of them