SimpleLayout, components rendered twice after replace/remove+add

I have reported this as an issue in GitHub as well.

I use SimpleLayout 0.5 with Vaadin 6.8.0, works excellently for reducing the number of nested divs. But, I have found a problem. When I replace a component in a SimpleLayout with

layout.replaceComponent(oldComonent, newComponent);

or remove all components from the layout and add new ones

[font=Courier New]


the old component is rendered after the new one. Calling




does not help. Is this just me doing something strange along the way? If not, is there a way round this?

I have noticed that the page is rendered correctly if I refresh the browser. Is there a way to force a browser reload programatically from Vaadin?


I’m sorry that I haven’t had time to answer on GitHub or address the issue. I’ve been on holiday for 4 weeks, and before that I was extremely busy with the updates to this website.

Now I’m on sick leave until September, but after that I’ll try to find some Community Friday hours and fix this and some other pending issues people are having with my add-ons.

Thanks Jouni, and get well!