SimpleAddressBook Tutorial Example Portlet Problem

I’m trying to renderthe SimpleAddressBook tutorial example as a portlet on Liferay 6.06. I’ve setup a Vaadin project using the latest version of the Liferay IDE and copy in the code from the example.

The project compiles and deploys onto Liferay and can be added to a portal page but does not seem to be executing correctly (see attached file).

I also added the Vaadin admin portlet to Liferay and upgraded to the lastest version of Vaadin. I also compiled all the widget sets.

I’ve got about a year and half worth of experience with Liferay, using Icefaces for all custom portlet development and have successfully deployed a portal for my employer using this combination (see ).

This is my first foray into using Vaadin and I think I’m missing some critical step here.