simple help

when I working with my application then it always session time out how I can it control…
thanks for any help… to every body

Something must be wrong. But, you need to tell us in more details.
Do you have sample code?
Are you trying to login to the same application from more than one instance of the browser window?

This might be a redundant question, but just making sure: For how long have you had your application inactive before this error comes? Have you had it inactive for several minutes or does it happen suddenly while you are using your application? Just to check if it’s actually a feature you stumbled upon :slight_smile:

thanks Syam
I have not make any setting for session time out As I am new so just i copy the code and pest it in my Application so it show message session time out I have check it also in web.xml & try to extend the time for it but not got success .

thanks Kim Leppänen ,
yes it comes atrandom some time it perform some work some time not.