show bd table in grid

I need a help to copy a table on mysql to a grid, but this table is generated when the user create a new proof of registration, and this new table have colunm’s number variable, depending on what was defined by User
how can I do that?

headers bd table exemple:
id | name | time_1 | time_2 | time_3 | … | time_n| final | average

How do you access the database, using raw SQL code? Or do you make use of any ORM such as Hibernate?

Besides, correct me if I’m wrong: you suggest that when the user connects for the first time, time_1 gets filled with a new time. When the user connects again, the time_2 column gets filled with the current time… And so on N times. Are these columns created?

If that’s true, is not a good idea, you shouldn’t do it that way.