Should we deprecate "News & Announcements" in favor of Vaadin Blog

As we now have Vaadin Blog at the frontpage, is this “News and Announcements” forum category still needed? Should we just deprecate this and start posting all the news on the blog or is there some reasons why we should keep them both?

What do you think?

  • Joonas

To my mind, In case the front-page blog will be used for news/announcements only, I think it is a good idea. But in case the blog will be also populated with daily messages, having news topic on forum will help tracking those news as announcements on the blog may get mixed and lost with other postings.


I usually come directly to the forums and view the “recent posts”-page to get a quick overview of what has been discussed in the different sections of the forum. I rarely view the front page, so I would have probably missed today’s blog unless it would have been mentioned here.

To sum it up, if people use the site in the same way as I do, the blogs will get much less attention than what they deserve. The blog itself is a good idea, but maybe it could somehow be combined with the forums without cross-posting. Maybe some link in the blog post to the forum, such as “discuss the blog here” and then a new thread to the forum for each blog. This way there wouldn’t be cross-posting, but still a “notification” at the forums that a new blog has been published.

My two cents

  • Kim

Kim must be my long lost twin brother… Or at least a soulmate. Or just a nerd like myself :slight_smile:

Currently the recent posts is the only page i follow.

Maybe we should just put the most recent posts list to frontpage too…

I see two problems with this, first of all, will the unread messages be highlighted like at the forums? Secondly, showing just the 5 most recent posts or so may not be enough. I checked the forums probably an hour ago and during that time alone there were 5-6 new posts.

…and it will be hard to get people to change their habits :slight_smile:

Me again have no issues with loosing the News & Announcements since I subscribe to the RSS feed from both recent posts and the blog. That way it’s really easy to check what’s new and on people’s mind.

I would however, not want to see double posting on both blog and forum. To use forum just for commenting is one option, but I’d prefer either just a head’s up on the forum or then enabling commenting on the blog posts.

// Jonas