Should I use Vaadin Framework?

I just tried to play with Vaadin Framework and it seems to me very easy to use. Plus what I like about his framework is that it is built on top of Google Web Toolkit (GWT).

What do you think, should I continue using this framework or it’s better to stick with GWT?

Can you help me?

We have developing GWT apps for years. Now we are eveluationg Vaddin and it is very promissing. The best parts are :

  • GUI components
  • very good documentation, youtube videos, etc.
  • debug mode in Eclipse (GWT SuperDevMode is far way for easy debugging)

I’ve been using Vaadin on and off since version 6. Each successive version have been great improvements from the previous and the team does a good job keeping the framework modernized.

If you’re looking for a pleasurable experience building RIA’s that are quick and easy to maintain, I would definitely recommend. I’m not so sure if I would use Vaadin for a front facing website but maybe someone on here would have a use case where they liked it there.

There are some questions you need to answer first. Are you building a web app or a web page? How will you be hosting (i.e. do you plan to use a Java application server)? How many users will you have? How complex will your application be? How powerful is your server?

If you’re going the Java route, the two best choices are JSF/PrimeFaces and Vaadin. JSF is the Java EE standard, which your customer may care about. It is more difficult to develop with, though, and it is also harder to maintain.

Some people recommend developing with AngularJS for the frontend. To me, that is a mistake for a Java EE application unless you are using AngularFaces or something. Even then, I would be concerned about longevity of something that is in the process of being depricated for Angular 2. Also, PrimeFaces is better, and nobody uses AngularFaces anymore.