ShortcutListener - strange behavior

In a complex application with many grids with text fields inside grid headers as filter combinded with shortcut listener shows following strange behaviour - sometimes the ShortcutListener works, sometimes not. All the different grids are similar due the automation code.

Grid A with filters and ShortcutListener works
Grid B with filters and ShortcutListener doesn’t work

estimated for the half of the grids the ShortcutListener isn’t working.

There also a grid with an addional row for the admin - with the addional row - the combination filter & ShortcutListener works
without the addional row - the ShortcutListener doesn’t work

I have no idea!

with best regards

part of the code

if (uiupdate != null) {
            ShortcutListener shortcut = new ShortcutListener(null, KeyCode.ENTER,null) {
                public void handleAction(Object sender, Object target) {
                    try {
                    } catch (Exception e) {
                        SharedComponents.handleException(uiupdate.getName() + ".update()", e);

            field.addShortcutListener(shortcut); // Textfield

Have you tried the
add-on? It’s more flexible than the standard ShortcutListeners.


Thanks - this plugin solved all my troubles - now every filter fires up an update of the grid by pressing enter.