Shared UI between people

Can we have multiple front UI for one server side code. For instance, I like to share whatever I have for my account with my partner so my partner and I can work on the same page. In short, I like to share Vaadin (browser) page with remote my partner. Is it possible?


This is not directly possible since there are lots of points in the architecture that assume a 1:1 relationship between a server-side UI instance and the client-side counterpart running in the browser.

We are currently working on support for instead doing the collaboration on the data level so that multiple users can have their own view instance but data changes are synchronized between those views. See for more information.

Does the feature you mentioned support Vaadin8?

The functionality that we’re building is targeting Vaadin 14 and newer. The same principles can also be applied to older Vaadin versions even though some parts of the implementation would be different.

You can build something similar on your own by using the low-level server push functionality that is available also in Vaadin 8. See for an example that keeps a list of Label components in sync between multiple users.