Shared State Arrays & Lists

As soon as I update an Object or ArrayList in my Shared State object, it no longer updates the client.

If I don’t update the aforementioned fields (ie leave them null), I can use the Shared State object successfully with simple Strings, etc, but as soon as I set an Object or ArrayList, the update fails.

Is this supposed to work? If so can I see an example? If not - how are we to pass collections to the client side?

I have an update - I actually can see the response coming through in the client for my arrays. However, the onStateChanged method is not getting called, or something is failing prior to the call, so Im not able to do anything with the updated state data.


arrays and lists should definitely work - they’re also used in internal vaadin classes, e.g. AbstractComponentState has a List in it. Are you sure you’re using just the supported types? See the list
under the “RPC” caption (same supported types apply for the shared state also).