Setting Width of HorizontalLayout

I’ve looked at quite a few other posts about setting width on here, but none had the answer I need. Hence, this post.

I have a Horizontal Layout within a Form Layout which is within another Horizontal Layout. The top level H Layout has it’s width set at 30%. The Form Layout has maxWidth at 50%. I want to set the width of my inner H Layout to “auto”. Currently, when I use the Chrome dev tools and examine the element, it has this CSS: {
width: calc(99.9% - 0rem);
margin-left: 0px;
margin-right: 0px;

If I change the width here, to either turn it off or set it to “auto”, it works the way I want. However, I can find no way to do that within my code.

I’ve used setWidth to set it to “auto”, and when I write layout.getWidth() out to the console it shows “auto”. So, it’s getting set. But, somewhere in the process of loading to the browswer, that value is getting overwritten by the calc(99.9% - 0rem) value show above. Does anyone know where that’s coming from, and/or how I can override it?

Seems to be due to the maxWidth of the Form Layout within which this Horizontal Layout is put.