Setting up on netbeans?

Is there a way to setup it mill on netbeans? I know for gwt project there was a plugin so I am wondering is there a plugin for it mill project?

I think we currently don’t have any project-plugin for NetBeans. I don’t know if the Eclipse quickstart tutorial is of any use here, but be sure to check that one:
Quickstart with Eclipse

The things you need to start developing applications with IT Mill Toolkit are basically NetBeans, the Toolkit JAR, a ServletContainer (server) such as Apache Tomcat or Jetty.

You could just develop the application inside NetBeans and then export a WAR from the project and use that inside Tomcat. Testing the application becomes very tedious in that case, so running Tomcat/Jetty from inside Netbeans is a must have. You can Google “run tomcat from netbeans” to help you with that. Here’s one from NetBeans Wiki:
How to Work with Tomcat in the NetBeans IDE

Hope this helps at all. Come back to ask more when/if you encounter any problems.

In the mean time, I’ll try to get NetBeans installed and try to get Toolkit up’n’running from there.


I use NetBean & the Toolkit together without any problem.

The easiest way is to put add the toolkit jar in your project, set up your servlet, and use the embedded Tomcat. That will give you a working developpement installation in a matter of minutes.

Or, well, use Maven to manage your project & deployement, as well as ant tasks (inside Maven) to build & deploy the widgetset (default & customs).

I don’t know how easy it is to set up an environnement with Eclipse, but with Netbean it is really easy :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help Quentin! I feel a bit lost on this subject, since I haven’t really used NetBeans.

Is there a possiblity that you, Quentin, could generate a project-plugin for NetBeans, similar to the one we have for Eclipse? We would be more than happy to distribute it within our package.


Err, yes, no prob :slight_smile:
Just, err, what do you call a “project plug in” ? I’m a bit lost there ^^


:slight_smile: hehe, I’m asking a bit much here, aren’t I? Feel free to say no thanks, since you have no obligations. I won’t get mad, I promise :wink:

But anyhow, with project-plugin I mean a basic folder structure with all necessary files that you can just import into NetBeans and it’ll automatically create you a working Toolkit project which you can start extending. Here’s a sample from another framework:
Wicket Quickstart


Oh ok no prob, I’ll do that :slight_smile:

But not before netx week at least, I’ve got “a bit” of work to do before - and I’m in holyday from this afternoon to the end of the week ^^

But it will be done, no prob :slight_smile:


Great, thanks so much!

You can be our NetBeans advocate, since we all here at IT Mill are dedicated Eclipse users :smiley:

Have a great holiday, I’ll be off duty tomorrow as well!


I think it’s worth a mention here that I wrote a simple article, which describes how you can create an IT Mill Toolkit project on Netbeans IDE.

Later on I will dig into creating a Web Framework plugin for Netbeans to make the project even more easier to get started with. :slight_smile:

Now a plugin for Netbeans 6.8 beta is available at

There is also a short article about it on DZone:

An update to the old thread…

A very nice full-featured
plugin for Vaadin
is not available for Netbeans 7.4 and Netbeans 8 Beta.

Plugin is now at version 1.1.1 for manual installation, pending verification for installing through the Tools > Plugins > Available Plugins panel.

I’ve only used this for a couple days, but it seems to have the same features as the Eclipse plugin. Installs Vaadin and creates the same “Click Me” button app to get started.