Setting table captions when using SQLContainer

I am using Vaadin 7.
In my simple scenario I would like to use a Table component with an SQLContainer.

The problem is that since SQLContainer does not implement addContainerProperty method (which would normally be used to set up column captions) I have no idea how to set captions for my SQLs.

Could somebody give me an example how to do this?

cannot you use the setColumnHeader method ?

void setColumnHeader(Object propertyId, String header)
Sets the column header for the specified column;

It should override the default column header provided by the column name.

That’s right! Thank you very much!!!

Is there a way to set separate alignment on column header and content?
If I use setColumnAlignment it sets alignment both for header and for content.

No - there is currently only one alignment for the column, and it is applied to both the header and the content.



maybe through the style sheet, it should be possible to style the header indepently from the content.

Thank you. It seems that css is my onloy hope now!
I though that maybe it is possible through the AIP.

If you just want to align the cell content differently from the column header like in my attached image, this is not too difficult.
But if you want a different header alignment for each column, I do not know how to achieve it because I do not know how to set a different style for each header. All my headers have the same style.