Setting style/background image on Layout

Hi - A newbie question.

I’m looking to set a background image on my login screen and the only clues I’ve found to this point are here:

so I’ve tried this:

public class LoginView  extends Composite<VerticalLayout>{

	    public LoginView() 
	        	getContent().getStyle().set("StyleName", "login");
	            getContent().add(new LoginFormComponent());

with styles.css

.login { 
		background-image: url("../frontend/images/loginBackground.svg");

and file structure:


I’ve tried the many variations for the path to the image (…/webapp/frontend/images/loginBackground.svg, etc.), so I’m hoping it’s not that. Perhaps I’ve taken the wrong approach?

background-image: url("../images/loginBackground.svg");

That worked - Thank you, Joseph.