Setting .setEnabled(false) on layout does nothing

In vaadin 7 using layout.setEnabled(false) disabled all components included in that layout. In vaadin 8 nothing happens.
If this is intentional then setEnabled should be removed from layouts. Otherwise it seems like a bug.

Hi Nick,
I have tested layouts (including vertical-, horizontal, form- and absolute ) with textfield and button components and they indeed are disabled, if I set layout.setEnabled(false).
What layout do you use?
Or can you share your example?


Hi Anastasia, you’re right, I should have tested further.

I use an absolute layout and add only Charts to it. The Charts are supposedly disabled (they give isenabled()==false) but they are still fully functional (colors don’t change, export menu works, tooltips work, clicking on legend to add/remove series works etc). There’s really no difference between disabled and enabled Charts.

So the problem is with Charts and not with the layout as I thought. It’s still a bug though. There should be the usual visual indication (grayout) when a chart is disabled.