setStyleName on a tab in a vaadin-liferay portlet isn't working

Hi guys,

Been a while but a long time reader of these forums and user of vaadin.

Using Vaadin 6.7.5, and Liferay 6.1.0-CE.

I’m converting a vaadin servlet to a liferay portlet and have run into a weird problem.

		tabsheet.addTab(productPanel, productTitle);

I add a panel to my tabsheet, then get the tab from the tabsheet and put a StyleName on it. This works as expected when deployed as a servlet, the tab gets the StyleName ‘Complete’, my theme css kicks in and it looks great. However, when deployed as a portlet the tab does not get the StyleName ‘Complete’, and there is no exception or logging pumped out. It just looks like I’ve commented that line out.

This perplexes me even more as I’m setting StyleName on a few panels, fields, etc and they’re all working fine. I’ve debugged over the code and there’s nothing unusual happening.

I’d love to know if anyone has run into this and what the workaround is. Even some insight into vaadin framework code as to why this might be happening would be very appreciated.


Turns out that my widgetset in liferay was built using vaadin 6.4.x and my portlet was expecting 6.7.5. I figured it out pretty quickly when I started debugging liferay into vaadin framework code and my debugger couldn’t look up the source code.

Did you get this working?
I am using Vaadin 6.8.3 and have the same issue. Cannot set style on individual tab using setStyleName().