setComponentError in IE11

Today we found some strange behaviour in the Internet Explorer 11.
In some TextField components we us the method setComponentError(…) to show the user that is input is somehow wrong. For example it’s no accessable path or whatever. This works without problems in Firefox and Chrome and I think it worked in IE too, but in the current set-up - Vaadin 7.5.8 and IE11 - it’s unusable. Whenever the component error is set or nullified the content of the TextField is cleared or changed to something that was there before. It’s really hard to explain…
This is the code we are using:

    default void setErrorMessage(String message) {
        if (message == null) {
        } else {
            textField.setComponentError(new UserError(message));

Would it help if you instead of setting the error to null set it as empty;
i.e clear error.

If it works fine with the following in IE11, you might need to open a ticket with example code.

public static final ErrorMessage clearError = new ErrorMessage() {

        public ErrorLevel getErrorLevel() {

            return ErrorLevel.INFORMATION;

        public String getFormattedHtmlMessage() {

            return "";


Thanks for responsing.
This doesn’t work. The component still has the error style after setting the clearError. And the problem isn’t solved too.