set vs with ValidationStatusHandler

I want to modify the behaviour by default of displaying error validation in a form .
I want to display the error messaage in a label above each field.

If i bind field by field

            .withValidationStatusHandler(status -> {
            .bind(Bean::getField1, Bean::setField1);

And so on with others fields.

But if a bind with instanceFields method what can i do. I found it in the doc, api and other threads of the forum the method setValidationStatusHandler

binder.setValidationStatusHandler(status -> {
            List<BindingValidationStatus<?>> fieldValidationErrors = status.getFieldValidationErrors();
            for(BindingValidationStatus<?> fieldValidationError : fieldValidationErrors) {
                String message = fieldValidationError.getMessage().get();
                HasValue<?> field = fieldValidationError.getField();
                ... /?

I have the field and the message but how i put the value in the corresponding label?
If i do it field by field i’would use withStatusLabel

In the doc i read about setStatusLabel to set a Label to show validation error messages. But again you only can use it field by field

     .bind(Bean::getField1, Bean::setField1);