Session with Window

So, Hi!!, it is possible send a data, with session in a Window?
i have, getSession().setAttribute(“name”, nam); then i can retrieve this information in other View, but if
i do, UI.getCurrent().addWindow(newWindow);

how i can retrieve the attributes ? it is possible?



a Window shouldn’t have anything to do with it. It’s just another Component, not an actual new browser window. You can always access any current UI’s session attribute with



So, now i am work with Spring Boot, then if try call like that, don’t allow.
Exist other type by shared or send parameters to Window…When i create a new View or Window, with Spring
i’m create
private MyWindow mywindow;

allowing redirect to my window…

but dont allow shared or send data…


You should have mentioned you’re using Spring - that makes it a bit different. I’m not an expert on the subject, but have you tried looking into something like this:

So, thanks, When i avowed
in the init, or constructor don’t allowing compile, then i write that in a function and, need some event
through a click or listener, then i go to called the function, and allowing show whatever Attribute…

But, that is a problem because i need launch the window and show the information,don’t wait for a click.
Thanks, i’m, go to investigate…