Session Timeout -- Things I need to happen

So the “Session has Expired” notification is great, but meaningless to my users. I need the ability to do all of the following:

When a Session Expires:

  1. The browser redirects to a login page (no notifications).
  2. It should redirect even after being disconnected for some time, think of a laptop that closed its lid and some hours later it’s reopened and WIFI reconnects automatically – the UI should at that point redirect to a custom URL I provide or a login screen.
  3. Home Page. I may have a button and/or a field on a home page. I definitely don’t want my users to see or experience “Session Expired” there and I would like the button or the text field to work no matter when it is clicked. I guess, given my requirements above, if the session expires, the home page should simply reload itself. But, I’m concerned that if it expires; when the user clicks on the button it won’t do anything(?) until the page (session) is reloaded (re-resablished). This would be bad for UX.
  4. I have a form that any user in the world can see and submit data into, without logging in. If the session expires here, I would like the form data to be posted back to the server and stored in a new session automatically, completely transparent to the user (so the user doesn’t lose what they entered). It should appear to the user as though there is no dependency on anything like a session. If a user enters some data, then closes their laptop before submitting it, when they return back sometime later, I want them to simply continue from where they left off and then click the Submit button without any issues.

Ideas, suggestions, experience, advice?


Please have a look at this blog post
And note - this feature is already released in 7.6

Good article, but since I’m new to Vaadin I dont understand how that solves the 4 requirements I posted above?


@Ilia Motornyi posted a link to a good article, but I need to understand how that helps my requirements? Maybe someone can post a couple of examples or descriptions how it would work?


Sorry for a long delay. Looks like vaadin does not support your 4, but you could implement this on client side using cookies or html5 local storage API.