Session timeout issue while using multiple tabs of Vaadin application


I recently faced a issue while creating a vaadin application related to session timeout. The details of the application are as follows,

  1. Created a Vaadin application in Vaadin version 7.6.2.
  2. The session timeout was given as 60 mins in web.xml of the application.
  3. The heartbeat property of the application was configured as 5 mins in web.xml.
  4. closeIdleSessions property was set to true in web.xml.
  5. The VaadinServlet was customized to logout the user when the session timeout occurs.

When I use the application in only one tab of a browser, the session timeout and heartbeat all works as expected. But, when I have the application open in two tabs of the same browser (One tab is idle, the other tab is active), after the session timeout period of 60 mins, the idle tab timeouts and logs out the user, which in turn logsout the user in the active tab too, even when I am using it.

Is this a bug or the intended functionality ? Anything I am missing here ?