Session per Tab or how to get notified about changed parameters

Hi Vaadin-Community,

our development team is actually running in some problems with the vaadin session lifecycle.
We like to notify users of our application via mail and send with the mail a link to starting an application specific action, without the need for a seperate login.
The idea we is to send the user a mail with http://applications-url/?key={generatedKey} and when the user follows the link we can read out the key
in the init method of the UI. The first test works fine, but if the user has an open browser tab running the application and then follow the link in the mail,
the key can’t be read out because another browser tab has the same session and the init method is not be called.

Is there a way to force a new session per browser tab, so for every tab the init method will be called, or is there a possiblity to get noticed about changed parameter within the same session?
Maybe somebody have an idea to solve that problem.

Excuse my insufficient English skills, please.

Are you talking about the UI.init metod? Isn’t that called for each browser tab. The tabs share a session, but each tab has a separate UI instance?