Session not expiring on Internet Explorer 11

When i try to use internet explorer 11 my sessions never expires.
I’m using vaadin 7.7.9 but the problem still happening with version 8.0.
Servlet configuration:
@VaadinServletConfiguration(productionMode = true, ui = UI.class, heartbeatInterval = 7200, closeIdleSessions = false)

I’am using a max inactive interval of ((60 * 60) * 24)

Can someone help me please ? Thanks!


As it is explained in the
lifecycle documentation
(Session Expiration section):

If there are active UIs in an application, their heartbeat keeps the session alive indefinitely. You may want to have the sessions timeout if the user is inactive long enough, which is the original purpose of the session timeout setting. If the closeIdleSessions parameter of the servlet is set to true in the web.xml, as described in Using a web.xml Deployment Descriptor, the session and all of its UIs are closed when the timeout specified by the session-timeout parameter of the servlet expires after the last non-heartbeat request.

So you could try to set the
parameter to
in your servlet configuration, which means that the session should be closed when all its open UIs have been idle for longer than the configured maximum inactivity time.

Hope this helps,