Session Management


I have used Vaadin 7.5 in the Production. For a session timeout i have declared 120 seconds in web.xml.

The scenario i have opened the 4 tabs and i am working on the current tab as well.After 120 seconds the other three tabs are getting loggedout automatically (Those 3 tabs not used for the mentioned timeout ) and the one which i am concurrently working tab session also getting logged out.

Any ideas/suggestions pls?

There is only one session per Browser. If you login as User A on first Tab and as User B on second Tab, your first Tab will get the User B session.

Hi Dennis, I agree with your explanation,

The problem which i am facing is different.

I have logged in using user ‘A’ for first tab and i have opened other few tabs also logged with the same user ‘A’.

I am actively using first tab for continoulsy , if other tabs get session timed out due to inactive for the specified hour,
In this case the first tab which is actively running one also getting loggedout.